Today is your last day to vote @RealErnieKovacs into the @NJHallofFame! Cast your vote for @CityofTrentonNJ’s favor…

06-30-2020 13:29PM via twitter

I wonder if @tommychong & @CheechMarin saved their shooting scripts from “Up in Smoke” like Mrs.Stoner did....…

07-14-2020 20:04PM via twitter

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Edie as Little Bo Peep on Captain Kangaroo in the early 1970s doing an on-…

07-07-2020 14:00PM via twitter

Just in time for summer...erm....Christmas. Available at & along w.…

07-09-2020 13:57PM via twitter

RIP Hugh Downs. Edie's friend since the early days of television in the 1950s in New York. A true class act and a t…

07-02-2020 20:42PM via twitter

Some photos from “The HoneyPot” (1966) That ring was Edie’s. #Josephlmankiewicz #cliffrobertson #maggiesmith…

07-02-2020 13:55PM via twitter

@CAOH110291 @misslanchester Her memoir literally had a blank page when it came to this marriage.

06-28-2020 15:46PM via twitter

On the 50th Anniv. of the Stonewall riots and @Pride month, we remember Edie’s true friend & confidant Steve Atha.…

06-28-2020 15:45PM via twitter

Very good! But there is another

06-28-2020 04:44AM via twitter

Edie. 1965. Venice. Who can tell us the two other names this film was released under? #edieadams #thehoneypot…

06-28-2020 04:11AM via twitter

@TalentedTortuga Agreed!!

06-27-2020 14:16PM via twitter

@StirlingHayden3 @MartinMillsPhot She was, wasn’t she?

07-11-2020 20:32PM via twitter

When you get to Edie Adams & Pete Candoli vs Jack Carter & Adrienne Barbeau, call me....

07-11-2020 13:27PM via twitter

Edie Adams Portrait Session ROME, ITALY - 1966: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams…

07-11-2020 12:32PM via twitter

Somewhere, Edie is smiling. Big Kovacs news coming tomorrow. #DORF

07-13-2020 05:53AM via twitter

@TAMisnik Nice one!!

06-26-2020 18:03PM via twitter

@MtlPhotog Shawn is fantastic. And so is Winters.

06-26-2020 18:03PM via twitter

Yes but have you seen the 4 hour version???? #IAMMMMW #Edieadams

06-26-2020 15:51PM via twitter

In 1987, Edie found @BombaySapphireA & was ecstatic about a blue tinted gin. But only the bottle was colored, so sh…

07-10-2020 13:38PM via twitter

Edie in “Murder She Wrote” w. Angela Lansbury - with a cat! #edieadams #murdershewrote #cats #angelalansbury

07-03-2020 17:00PM via twitter
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