RIP @PythonJones. Like Edie, Terry saved the master tapes of “Flying Circus” when the BBC (like CBS, NBC & DUMONT b…

01-22-2020 14:54PM via twitter

@Sithlordsmoke @Franksantopadre @RealGilbertACP @silentfilmmusic @MillserMcDuff @RealErnieKovacs It’s now in Starburns

01-22-2020 04:29AM via twitter

Have you connected with @TVWORTHWATCHING ?

01-15-2020 20:27PM via twitter

Just to put it in context, Edie was much more than #9 on “that” list. She was a tireless preservationist, a fine ac…

01-15-2020 16:13PM via twitter

@AmEntmtCurator @RealGilbertACP @RealErnieKovacs @MillserMcDuff @silentfilmmusic @librarycongress We should talk. W…

01-15-2020 14:52PM via twitter

He always worked blue. As proven on @RealGilbertACP

01-15-2020 05:16AM via twitter

Fun fact. Edie was inoculated for every imaginable disease for her trip to Kenya for filming. Then they told her Lo…

01-15-2020 02:13AM via twitter

Wasn’t this known more for straight (!) comedy? Possibly tho!

01-14-2020 16:59PM via twitter

@roadieric Edie always played the Palmer House @PalmerHouse

01-14-2020 01:59AM via twitter

@RealErnieKovacs would have been 101 today. Happy birthday Kovacs #erniekovacs #edieadams

01-23-2020 13:29PM via twitter

@SFSketchfest this Sunday at 1pm at the @swedishhall! @RealErnieKovacs clips! Discussion & Q&A w. @danagould,…

01-16-2020 15:48PM via twitter

Name the movie. Then I’ll tell ya some stories. #EdieAdams

01-09-2020 05:52AM via twitter

@JVivone I KNOW she loved meeting everyone in Iola. Thanks for the note!

01-18-2020 13:22PM via twitter

Academy Players Directory 1968 #EdieAdams

01-11-2020 19:18PM via twitter

Love that we got to talk about Edie. It was Kovacs centennial of course but great to talk about her contributions…

01-20-2020 14:48PM via twitter

@j9duffy @MillserMcDuff @RealGilbertACP @RealGilbertACS @RipTaylor @BernieKopell @LaurenTewes @ElizabethTaylor @theloveboat Kingston?

01-20-2020 02:16AM via twitter

No arguements here

01-20-2020 02:16AM via twitter

Hey look! It’s Edie and @RipTaylor at the @thegarlandhotel for the Ray Court’s Autograph Show circa 1997. No confet…

01-24-2020 18:21PM via twitter

That was the plan, until.....

01-17-2020 15:57PM via twitter

@RheinEsq @Franksantopadre @RealGilbertACP @RealGilbert @RealErnieKovacs @MillserMcDuff @silentfilmmusic…

01-17-2020 13:45PM via twitter
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