Own it. #edieadams https://t.co/LbOkXPEwED

03-30-2021 13:49PM via twitter

These folks do amazing work. Listen in. https://t.co/bomTHVaLea

03-23-2021 00:48AM via twitter

Oh the irony https://t.co/QwrwLgft57

04-13-2021 18:18PM via twitter

Oooooooh good one Tom! https://t.co/3EJSvSkc79

04-13-2021 18:14PM via twitter

It’s a fantastic movie palace https://t.co/2LIwmsCIrY

04-13-2021 18:13PM via twitter

“IAMMMMW” opened the @ArcLightCinemas Cineramadome in 1963. He’ll, it was built for the premiere! Pacific Theaters… https://t.co/GPGzyv2Nmy

04-13-2021 15:49PM via twitter

Likely cut due to music clearances, this is the most you can see of Edie on “The Carol Burnette Show” (1968) on… https://t.co/RssS7cOc9p

03-25-2021 17:59PM via twitter

All these photos for sale at https://t.co/ZiLNUrIlgp #Edieadams #ErnieKovacs https://t.co/VB3fA4cZ35

03-18-2021 16:54PM via twitter

Edie loves Percy too! Thankth. @RealGilbertACP https://t.co/edzqackD1P

03-21-2021 17:41PM via twitter

@the_real_djskro @DrPopCultureBG @Franksantopadre Pretty sure it is. Dayton, Oh.

03-14-2021 00:18AM via twitter

Edie’s LEAST favorite show! https://t.co/L5VuvFIn5I

03-13-2021 03:43AM via twitter

Where did you find this? Fantastic! Definitely a John Kenley production. https://t.co/TXvpBykntw

03-13-2021 03:18AM via twitter

Nothing to see here. Just Edie, Felicia Lemmon and Jack Lemmon on vacation in Venice, Italy circa 1983 #edieadams https://t.co/1U4InJMlZ3

04-12-2021 21:22PM via twitter

Yer right. I’ve misjudged you... https://t.co/IrMpnl2i2v

04-12-2021 03:45AM via twitter

A hello from Mrs. Stoner....#edieadams https://t.co/JR0Pe0nAEV

04-05-2021 15:43PM via twitter

@PatThomas1964 Edie thanks you.....

03-26-2021 15:24PM via twitter

This mystery guest on @RealErnieKovacs “Take a Good Look” is Carl Reiner. Today @robreiner & family announced the d… https://t.co/a8HopkGDVM

03-19-2021 19:44PM via twitter

You say that now.... https://t.co/LExjTNSRWz

03-12-2021 18:14PM via twitter

If you haven’t heard, the @RarifiedHeirPod has some fun (& poignant) Edie & @RealErnieKovacs stores inc. this littl… https://t.co/AriNOzBp8E

03-12-2021 15:38PM via twitter

@DanPasternack Bloody hippies....

03-12-2021 15:01PM via twitter
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