We are scanning more and more and more photos. This is Edie. #edieadams https://t.co/j6l9BXhe2y

05-13-2020 13:39PM via twitter

PADUA, ITALY - 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008) poses for a por… https://t.co/Fe3V5Wax28

04-29-2020 14:15PM via twitter

Before she was Edie Adams, she was Edith Enke....#edieadams https://t.co/AnXCYv1ILu

04-22-2020 13:11PM via twitter

Edie Adams Cut and Curl pencils anyone? #edieadams https://t.co/VpC7qRhuXH

05-19-2020 17:14PM via twitter

@tonymac71 Same!!

05-05-2020 15:36PM via twitter

@stephenpomes @RealErnieKovacs @GHGwendolen @Bill75554420 @HansVonZipper Ya never know!

05-05-2020 14:20PM via twitter

Edie’s second husband Marty Mills would have been 93 today. LOS ANGELES, CA - 1970: Photographer Martin Mills (192… https://t.co/ZOuDzr7toH

05-05-2020 14:19PM via twitter

@newagetinnitus @RealErnieKovacs Very interesting. He seems slighter build and the nose is different. I’ll dig further....

04-21-2020 15:45PM via twitter

Anyone know who this is with Edie? ROME, ITALY - MAY, 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoma… https://t.co/utVRvn0b3E

04-21-2020 13:37PM via twitter

Edie Adams directors chair! #edieadams https://t.co/DxreCr5A9k

05-21-2020 13:26PM via twitter

Have yet to see the Natalie Wood doc. on @HBO yet but if you haven’t seen the still-very-topical “Love with a Prope… https://t.co/fGKKGXvILM

05-07-2020 13:45PM via twitter

How on earth did you come across this? Nice find. Nothing says Iowa like Ernie Kovacs & @NikitaKruschev_ https://t.co/WieOAtPHIB

05-07-2020 13:42PM via twitter

Check out this rare, industrial film of Edie for Muriel Cigars as she tours @VisitMemphis & Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 with her… https://t.co/4240qVplM6

05-16-2020 12:16PM via twitter

FRANCE - MAY, 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008) walks through a… https://t.co/W1DkKJ07fz

04-25-2020 19:26PM via twitter

A find #EdieAdams #JaquelineKennedy #JFK #JohnKennedy https://t.co/9XfjxOg01p

04-25-2020 13:23PM via twitter

Yes that’s Buddy Rich with Edie during a session during the making of her “Showtime on Broadway” LP at RCA Studios… https://t.co/Kpha36Y7YD

05-18-2020 16:17PM via twitter

Edie Adams Photo Session LOS ANGELES, CA - 1967: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman… https://t.co/Rf72rx55f4

04-27-2020 16:07PM via twitter

Edie, Stan Kenton, @originalasia, @JimGaffigan, @kebmomusic & Bobby Vinton....a list I never thought I would see. H… https://t.co/UVjEa8KUxC

05-15-2020 14:47PM via twitter

Thinking of Mia Kovacs today....#ErnieKovacs #EdieAdams #MiaKovacs https://t.co/epDxJjPuU9

05-08-2020 13:44PM via twitter

I’ll have what she’s having...”#EdieAdams #Spygirl https://t.co/Se1AMdjB03

04-24-2020 14:24PM via twitter
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