Have you thought about a unique holiday gift for the Ernie Kovacs fan in your life? These limited edition Kovacs li… https://t.co/CBFXtwIul4

11-28-2018 14:57PM via twitter

Hey @Super70sSports, ya ever see this film (co-starring Edie Adams) with a cameo from @bjornborg? It’s of the so ba… https://t.co/479kowBe8w

11-28-2018 01:43AM via twitter

Edie and Ernie Kovacs In 1956 on “I’ve Got A Secret” #EdieAdams #ErnieKovacs #IveGotASectet https://t.co/fQMC46633O

11-21-2018 16:52PM via twitter

@DanPasternack @MRbelzer “Macy’s and Gimbles”

12-12-2018 04:25AM via twitter

Is it a Muriel? https://t.co/FzdcOdFYFR

11-27-2018 23:59PM via twitter

For #GivingTuesday, please consider Wayfinder Family Services which was once the Foundation for the Junior Blind. E… https://t.co/0JcvRHxA1s

11-27-2018 17:30PM via twitter

Not surprised but still....Edie shot many shows here through the years. https://t.co/EiXngX4sej

12-11-2018 15:55PM via twitter

Looking for some new Christmas tunes? You can check out Edie’s Christmas album from our store along with some great… https://t.co/HOVCDPfMUb

12-04-2018 14:57PM via twitter

@creamofwool @MJMcKean But don’t forget this quote https://t.co/5HLfEg092T

12-04-2018 06:06AM via twitter

Let’s hear it for #ConsolidatedCigars #SidCaesar #EdieAdams #NBC #JoeyForman #GiselleMackenzie https://t.co/N8TwpnXeNh

12-04-2018 06:02AM via twitter

RIP JFK. 55 years ago today.

11-22-2018 14:55PM via twitter

If you are looking, Heritage Auctions Fine Jewelry have some amazing pieces from Edie’s collection up for auction n… https://t.co/7ow2FDQcbp

11-15-2018 14:44PM via twitter

Found! UK pressing of 45s on Brunswick Records “Wonderful Town” from Edith Adams

12-08-2018 17:39PM via twitter

And Edie’s amazing co-star In It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! Happy belated birthday and thank you for all you did… https://t.co/JbDq7bcqtT

11-12-2018 14:46PM via twitter

If you are looking to own something from Edie’s personal collection, check out Heritage Auctions Fine Jewelry for t… https://t.co/lPymkAJjr7

11-12-2018 14:27PM via twitter

That time when Edie, Ernie Kovacs, Dinah Shore, Louis Prima, Keely Smith and Dinah's husband George Montgomery cele… https://t.co/dtLSxGJNr8

11-23-2018 00:00AM via twitter

Check out Edie Adams Laraine Newman 35mm Slide Transparency Photo Original 1842 https://t.co/0FQLaEfJiR ⁦@eBay⁩ Bes… https://t.co/aECnR0MJg9

11-16-2018 14:25PM via twitter

Anyone see this John Kenley production in 1975 with Edie, VictorBuono, Victor Buono and Chaz Chase? #EdieAdams… https://t.co/LMYWl9NvgQ

11-09-2018 14:29PM via twitter

Have a feeling Edie and Amy Sedaris would have got along like two sisters. Two talented & funny ladies just sitting… https://t.co/rf8X2y0sPQ

12-07-2018 16:42PM via twitter

@mrseanyb #whyevenpoop?

12-07-2018 03:38AM via twitter
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