@JuddApatow Somewhere Jerry Grote is wincing…

05-19-2022 20:34PM via twitter

Contest ends Friday May 27!

05-12-2022 19:43PM via twitter

The good folks at @KinoLorber have given me Blu-ray’s of The Apartment & Superdome to pass along to Edie fans. All… https://t.co/6R20dBabaJ

05-12-2022 19:38PM via twitter

How great are you guys…. https://t.co/jgwmyKxw9c

04-28-2022 20:11PM via twitter

If you head to https://t.co/WQ5hQhv8vE & sign the guestbook by Friday May 27, we will enter you to win this Edie Ad… https://t.co/gVnyOjXie0

05-22-2022 14:59PM via twitter

Happy Mother’s Day! Edie always said, “Every mom is a working mom.”

05-08-2022 13:39PM via twitter

Happy Easter! 🐰 Likely Edie’s favorite holiday! (And she loved holidays!) #edieadams #easter #EasterSunday

04-17-2022 13:11PM via twitter

In “Under the Yum Yum Tree.” Thank you @tcm for celebrating what would have been Edie’s 95th birthday. #Edieadams… https://t.co/EJbPGO8umZ

04-17-2022 03:10AM via twitter

Thank you Charlie Tabish, @tcm & @BenMank77 for celebrating Edie’s 95th birthday. Can’t thank you enough. Means a t… https://t.co/5syclJHks7

04-17-2022 00:44AM via twitter

Truly touching you think of Edie with all that is going on. #RIPGilbert https://t.co/sH6C5X6JeQ

04-16-2022 23:19PM via twitter

You have until May 27 to enter to win this + 2 @KinoLorber titles - “The Apartment” & “Superdome” on Blu-Ray. No pu… https://t.co/Y56X4tslaX

05-16-2022 19:31PM via twitter

@tomjrjackson Yeah. Insane huh? A true time capsule

05-16-2022 00:28AM via twitter

RT @RealGilbertACP: #GGACPTVFlashback #OTD in 1960 @TVGuide @RealGilbert @Franksantopadre @MeTV @GoldenRageofTV1 @RealErnieKovacs @realedie…

05-16-2022 00:28AM via twitter

@TinseltownTwins Girl of the year in our book! :) thank you!

05-02-2022 15:34PM via twitter

@JoelCanfield @DrPopCultureBG Yes - even William B!

04-25-2022 22:45PM via twitter

RT @DrPopCultureBG: 1966 Sammy Davis Jr. TV special #popmusic @realedieadams https://t.co/Prr0Gzg5TZ

04-25-2022 04:48AM via twitter

@DrPopCultureBG Bless you!

04-25-2022 04:48AM via twitter

@videostorekid Frankly my dear….

04-18-2022 03:00AM via twitter

@jenmweb @tcm @ChineseTheatres @CelebratingTCM @TCMwithaTwist @TCMPR @TCMUnderground @RockHud15953760… https://t.co/7csphTHkPr

04-22-2022 07:46AM via twitter

Ok, who at @tcm Fest is going to the “Lover Come Back” screening tonight introduced by Alicia Malone at the… https://t.co/MFeRq57vB3

04-22-2022 01:09AM via twitter
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