Thx to Ray & Irwin on this one. Never have seen it before. #edieadams

01-27-2021 14:41PM via twitter

@PatThomas1964 Acid rock!

01-20-2021 21:02PM via twitter

If you are a fan of Comedian/Actor Dick Shawn, check out the @RarifiedHeirPod with Edie’s son Josh talking with Dic…

01-20-2021 14:16PM via twitter

Thinking about Kovacs today #ErnieKovacs #EdieAdams

01-13-2021 18:32PM via twitter

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1960'S: American comedienne, actress, singer & businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008) poses for a…

01-13-2021 02:14AM via twitter

This hung in our house for decades. Framed of course!

12-30-2020 20:32PM via twitter

RIP Cloris Leachman. She played Ernie’s mother Mary in the 1984 TV Movie “Between the Laughter.” Edie thought she w…

01-28-2021 03:31AM via twitter

Mrs. Stoner abides

01-21-2021 17:46PM via twitter

As a Kingston, Pa. born, Scranton-adjacent businesswoman, mother & head of household who only ever wanted equal pay…

01-21-2021 14:47PM via twitter

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” - Martin Luther King #Edieadams

01-07-2021 14:18PM via twitter

I mean, come on! Edie, @therealdorisday & Rock Hudson! W. Jack Albertsons, Ann B. Davis, Tony Randall, Donna Dougla…

01-10-2021 14:08PM via twitter

@TVTHEditor She was REALLY proud of that show

01-10-2021 01:54AM via twitter

That’s a great list!

01-10-2021 01:35AM via twitter

Ans thank you! Dorf!

01-23-2021 18:44PM via twitter

Don’t forget to do something silly today. It’s @RealErnieKovacs birthday. Celebrate his genius by doing something j…

01-23-2021 17:40PM via twitter

@RealGilbertACP @RealErnieKovacs @MillserMcDuff @RealGilbert @Franksantopadre Thanks a ton for this guys. Really.

01-23-2021 17:38PM via twitter

Sometimes the randomness is overwhelming. RIP Hammering Hank #Edieadams #HankAaron

01-23-2021 12:30PM via twitter

Thank you for the kind words Chris!

01-11-2021 04:11AM via twitter

Nice to see Edie quoted in the @washingtonpost regarding then @POTUS Lyndon Johnson dancing the “foxtrot’ at his…

01-22-2021 22:28PM via twitter


01-01-2021 16:17PM via twitter
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