@EricIdle Was it the Salmon Mousse?

04-17-2019 12:21PM via twitter

How nice of @NtlComedyCenter for this! https://t.co/AVP8CW4czF

04-17-2019 00:51AM via twitter

Thanks to Matt Munoz and The Bakersfield Californian for this piece on Up in Smoke (movie) coming to the FoxTheater… https://t.co/A21NlacHB4

04-10-2019 17:34PM via twitter

Armistead Maupin & “Tales of the City” were two of Edie’s favorite things. Keep up the good fight Armistead! https://t.co/gxMDGzwzij

04-03-2019 20:54PM via twitter

Edie fans we need your help! We are connected with and working with the good folks at ITMIT (Index to Music in Th… https://t.co/8qEDBZs5ub

03-26-2019 13:54PM via twitter

@pattonoswalt @MeredthSalenger She shares a birthday 🎂 with this cool lady too! Happy birthday kiddo.

04-16-2019 14:15PM via twitter

Hey folks....Edie & Ernie Kovacs on TV Confidential: A radio talk show about television this weekend. Tune in! https://t.co/NN8VuItn2b

04-02-2019 13:01PM via twitter

Let’s hear it for Penn State Wilkes-Barre City for providing us an opportunity to talk about Edie so close to her h… https://t.co/7hUQMD8bXI

03-28-2019 19:29PM via twitter

When was the last time you checked out? Some new items in our store!! #EdieAdams #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial https://t.co/TgjafNG3rE

03-21-2019 14:42PM via twitter

@BetteMidler @BetteMidler, you are like @CampbellSoupCo - Mnn Mnn good....

04-11-2019 04:30AM via twitter

It was real @BakersfieldCaL & @ShafterCalifornia #EdiadFarms https://t.co/RlJ6probPS

04-11-2019 00:23AM via twitter

Hello Bakersfield, California! April 15, 7pm The historical The Fox Theater Bakersfield is screening Cheech and Cho… https://t.co/GPLEhFUzYe

04-04-2019 14:07PM via twitter

Edie loved Stan #Stanfreberg https://t.co/axamNg5bvQ

04-07-2019 17:57PM via twitter

Edie loved Stan #StanFreberg https://t.co/kDH7xOChMS

04-07-2019 17:55PM via twitter

Has “Here’s Edie” made it into your DVD player yet? #EdieAdams https://t.co/I6BeUwcNr2

03-25-2019 17:04PM via twitter

Happy 93rd birthday Shecky Greene. Always the funniest comic on the strip. Always. #SheckyGreene #EdieAdams… https://t.co/gBFLHNPTAT

04-08-2019 16:05PM via twitter

Mrs. Stoner does not approve.... https://t.co/6sjNBByHe1

04-01-2019 23:24PM via twitter

@kelly_carlin Been there. Get it. Same.

04-01-2019 15:02PM via twitter

Here’s a great Edie interview from The Morning Call in Pennsylvania from 1991. This is just about the time things w… https://t.co/EjXHqig4sg

03-29-2019 15:12PM via twitter

Edie wrote that a decade after they met, Erik Satie's "Gymnopédie No.1" was hers and Ernie Kovacs song. In fact, it… https://t.co/VPYkFE7PVS

04-05-2019 13:21PM via twitter
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