@DrPopCultureBG The available part is the tough part. There have been some indeed.

11-17-2021 19:50PM via twitter

@TAMisnik @RealErnieKovacs Close….:)

11-17-2021 19:49PM via twitter

Love to hear Kovacs is still being discovered by a new generation. Hope to hear how it goes! Let us know! https://t.co/Lkoq6uqFaW

11-17-2021 18:17PM via twitter

Pssst. We will be adding a new item to the https://t.co/0CrMsfNP9d store very soon. It’s a fun one too. Head on ove… https://t.co/eGVQ3Ubyff

11-17-2021 18:03PM via twitter

Really cool to know. When it was a “Channel” not a “Central” @ComedyCentral https://t.co/YVVTFxcPXO

12-01-2021 22:00PM via twitter

We hear this all the time and love every minutes of it! https://t.co/uL2DHQwebL

12-01-2021 19:29PM via twitter

RT @James_R_Stover: Get yourself some Ernie.

12-01-2021 18:50PM via twitter

This Centennial Edition CD 💿 is 35% off at https://t.co/NTRu98OKkM along with everything else - books, prints, 8x10… https://t.co/DhFgr2gdS3

12-01-2021 17:12PM via twitter

We just added this new item, part of a set of @RealErnieKovacs hand-drawn lithograph’s to our online store. This we… https://t.co/keosrHIBZo

11-30-2021 16:00PM via twitter

It’s beginning to look a lot like 35% off on Cyber Monday on all Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items at… https://t.co/CeCFi9I3OF

11-30-2021 00:09AM via twitter

If I am not mistaken, this photo was taken by @MartinMillsPhot, Edie’s then-husband. Edie, Marty, Jack & Mary were… https://t.co/biJtUZjRUW

11-25-2021 13:54PM via twitter

The @RealErnieKovacs Centennial edition CD is on sale at 35% off in the https://t.co/NTRu98OKkM store just like eve… https://t.co/KjX9goJLYK

12-02-2021 23:24PM via twitter

Limited supply left of Edie’s long out-of-print paperback Beauty Guide from 1973 is now 35% off alone with everythi… https://t.co/y6L3ousVMi

11-28-2021 22:48PM via twitter

Gianni Di Venanzo was the cinematographer (a great one) who died while making the film of viral hepatitis. The set… https://t.co/nHwZfgsPzS

11-28-2021 00:25AM via twitter

RIP to the great Stephen Sondheim #edieadams #stephensondheim #follies #broadway https://t.co/qkbyVJeMio

11-27-2021 15:31PM via twitter

A million stories about this film….. https://t.co/qxlQMbGkm2

11-27-2021 12:02PM via twitter

Christmas is coming….available now! #edieadams #erniekovacs https://t.co/FjA65P6GD4

11-20-2021 16:48PM via twitter

@TVGFPI Edie was on this show! https://t.co/6alAkuCd3I

11-20-2021 16:37PM via twitter

Black Friday 35% off sale at https://t.co/NTRu98OKkM store on all Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items inc. a new set of K… https://t.co/9oKk0c1KtB

11-26-2021 14:48PM via twitter

Last day to save 35% off all Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items at https://t.co/NTRu98OKkM inc. this new item - limited… https://t.co/8lAVx7Oudj

12-03-2021 15:29PM via twitter
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