Edie in “Can-Can” (1965) Starlight Musicals, Indianapolis, IN https://t.co/prvVpKFAEn

09-19-2018 20:18PM via twitter

Lookie!! @RealErnieKovacs -The Centennial Edition coming November 13, a 9 DVD 📀 career spanning box set!!!… https://t.co/dllY2OLCGz

10-03-2018 17:39PM via twitter

@DanPasternack @MJMcKean https://t.co/3XSwDAXTYJ

09-11-2018 00:55AM via twitter

Did you know that along with the new 9 DVD career spanning set Ernie Kovacs - Centennial Edition, that there are li… https://t.co/AM7QvDqlxW

10-09-2018 15:41PM via twitter

Edie’s tireless efforts to preserve the work of Ernie Kovacs continue as 9 DVD career spanning box set is announced! https://t.co/tFjAiXUJhU

10-02-2018 23:33PM via twitter

@Splitsider Nice @RealErnieKovacs photo in the background!

09-20-2018 13:01PM via twitter

What a great promo for It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World! https://t.co/x7UMO6Ci0C

10-18-2018 18:57PM via twitter

What a great promo for It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

10-18-2018 18:55PM via twitter

Thanks Edie for saving these! More on the limited edition Ernie Kovacs lithographs https://t.co/FRMKS9FJwK

10-11-2018 23:46PM via twitter

Edie in Cole Porter’s “Can-Can” circa 1966 #edieadams #realedieadams #coleporter #cancan #1966 https://t.co/8riQeHyvmX

09-23-2018 22:30PM via twitter

Lenny Bruce would have turned 93 today. Boy do we miss him in 2019. #LennyBruce #KittyBruce https://t.co/OFzRFniiWc

10-14-2018 01:54AM via twitter

Are any of our new friends looking for the Here's Edie multi disc box set? If so, it’s right here! https://t.co/I6BeUvVczu

10-20-2018 20:57PM via twitter

@JeffFlake, @SenatorCollins & @JoeManchinWV If you want to know what life was like before abortion was legal, see… https://t.co/EIILivLZAd

10-06-2018 01:11AM via twitter

@jeffreygoldbIum, do you remember this photo with @realedieadams, April Smith and Melody Anderson on the set of the… https://t.co/f21wzu08hl

10-06-2018 01:03AM via twitter

Edie on her tractor #edieadams #ediadfarms #shafter #Bakersfield https://t.co/USkfAsAHO0

09-17-2018 16:08PM via twitter

“I always had to laugh when everybody was talking about how hard it is to get into motion pictures. All I had to do… https://t.co/FnwiBfITh6

10-01-2018 13:54PM via twitter

@PaulProvenza All right Hamilton! #FastTimesAtRidgemontHigh

09-28-2018 01:22AM via twitter

RT @RealErnieKovacs: Who will be the Ernie Kovacs Award winner at the 2018 Dallas Video Fest? Details coming soon! #erniekovacs #Dallas #da…

09-07-2018 13:34PM via twitter

If you are an Edie fan and want to own some of her personal effects, Heritage Auctions has some of her jewelry up f… https://t.co/GXgnAHOjDd

10-19-2018 14:15PM via twitter

A great photo of @realedieadams by @RealErnieKovacs in 1952 #edieadams #erniekovacs #fall https://t.co/hHfWNQM3k7

10-05-2018 21:45PM via twitter
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