Edie reissued!! https://t.co/RTauo2Pm8R

09-22-2021 01:45AM via twitter

Thx to Jason Culp for this Edie screen grab from the “Hollywood Palace” hosted by Sid Caesar. #edieadams #jasonculp… https://t.co/IT5PtJUpov

08-04-2021 18:55PM via twitter

From 1958 #edieadams #franksinatra #thefranksinatrashow #stanfreberg https://t.co/CuhXeZR2M5 https://t.co/ttvyWDvcKX

09-21-2021 14:42PM via twitter

Thx to @looper & Paul Gaita for including Edie in this great piece on “The Love Boat.” Indeed it was a weird 2-part… https://t.co/IhbzK3AcZs

07-27-2021 14:40PM via twitter

The greatest radio show on the inter webs, @videostorekid’s Mondo Hollywood has a fantastic track listing & theme (… https://t.co/eSxTkxj64X

08-24-2021 22:43PM via twitter

Great poster! https://t.co/AjuMQgaLDz

07-15-2021 14:58PM via twitter

@TAMisnik @alisonmartino @RealErnieKovacs We are still finding stuff…150 hours of audio-only air checks is the latest….

09-05-2021 04:46AM via twitter

Very sorry to hear about the passing of director Joe Behar, a talented, calming influence to both @RealErnieKovacs… https://t.co/03aZN6egc9

07-25-2021 18:50PM via twitter

RIP to Ed Asner. A great actor. A great American https://t.co/RE7iaucTJg #mrgrant #edieadams #edasner

08-29-2021 18:23PM via twitter

Are you kidding me? More Edie love from the BEST radio show on the planet! Thank you to the most passionate DJ we k… https://t.co/zEjcER6RKo

08-22-2021 22:12PM via twitter

Oh wow. Could be! https://t.co/QIssGr04Wf

08-22-2021 04:31AM via twitter

@TAMisnik Agreed

09-04-2021 19:58PM via twitter

Why don’t ya pick one up and smoke it sometime? #ErnieKovacs #edieadams #ilovelucy #thelucyanddesihour #lucilleball… https://t.co/j0uk4e8JoY

07-03-2021 14:31PM via twitter

Especially timely now. Hard to believe…. https://t.co/eaC84bsrjn

09-03-2021 06:11AM via twitter

It packs a wallop of a message on abortion too. https://t.co/LL5OfrNdTS

09-03-2021 05:43AM via twitter

If you want to know what it was like before Roe vs. Wade, watch “Love with a Proper Stranger,” co-starring Edie Ada… https://t.co/m2d3pFuOZF

09-03-2021 05:01AM via twitter

@tammyfayenyc Agreed! :)

06-25-2021 14:17PM via twitter

And what did you think of Edie in this film? :) (Quite a few Billy Wilder stories too!) https://t.co/VJAafSPRTL

06-25-2021 05:56AM via twitter

@scottmarks Sadly, no clue

08-20-2021 04:18AM via twitter

Still have this framed….hung in the house for years. Nice find. https://t.co/KRRsEVDlor

08-20-2021 01:52AM via twitter
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