Another one we’ve never seen!!

11-20-2019 17:44PM via twitter

Who is Pete Southcombe and why is he so amazing at finding things we’ve never seen???

11-20-2019 17:43PM via twitter

Another great find! Keep these coming! @silentfilmmusic @UCLAFTVArchive

11-19-2019 22:13PM via twitter

Wow! Never ever heard this story ever. Great intel!

11-19-2019 22:10PM via twitter

Tomorrow, December 4, Edie’s preservation efforts will loom large at the @TexasTheatre as we present the…

12-03-2019 12:57PM via twitter


12-03-2019 12:12PM via twitter

Edie Adams & @RealErnieKovacs archivist @silentfilmmusic recording a podcast for @justdevin @WNSTelethon for next w…

12-03-2019 00:20AM via twitter

We have a great photo of Edie, @BobHope & Sophie Tucker on the receiving line to meet The Queen. We have the progra…

11-28-2019 21:51PM via twitter

@JohnCleese Please let us know who Mr. Wiggan was & why does his name come up on “Flying Circus”? Curious.

11-28-2019 18:01PM via twitter

Edie’s favorite holiday!

11-28-2019 15:12PM via twitter

I’ll be your (Daily) Mirror! Nice work again Pete!

11-21-2019 21:21PM via twitter

Edie was missed last night at @TexasTheatre for the @videofest @RealErnieKovacs award given to @JohnCleese. But she…

12-05-2019 16:17PM via twitter

On Wed. Dec. 11, we hope our LA friends will come on out to the @HollHert Museum for our last (!) @RealErnieKovacs…

12-01-2019 16:36PM via twitter

Love it. She loved Rock.

11-23-2019 20:51PM via twitter

@mr_pastry @RealErnieKovacs Fascinating to see how the UK saw Kovacs. Thank you

11-23-2019 20:51PM via twitter

@mr_pastry @RealErnieKovacs And then the IRS & ABC network came in and it became $500k debt! Interesting find tho

11-23-2019 20:49PM via twitter

Love seeing this in @PasteMagazine! @SFSketchfest in Jan. 2020 - @RealErnieKovacs Centennial hosted by @Federman (t…

11-23-2019 00:30AM via twitter

Edie worked tirelessly to make sure @RealErnieKovacs work was preserved and his comedic genius remembered. She woul…

11-25-2019 15:42PM via twitter

You too can be a part of the E.E.F.M.S. - go to for your card today! Autographed books + CD…

12-02-2019 15:20PM via twitter

This is terrific. What publication?

11-22-2019 23:40PM via twitter
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