Give my regards to Broadway….

06-15-2022 17:05PM via twitter

The Donaldson Award….

06-16-2022 14:19PM via twitter

@RealGilbertACP @maclaineshirley @Franksantopadre @tcm @TCMPR 1983 in Venice, Italy. Lifelong friends….

06-16-2022 00:55AM via twitter

RT @CGalpal: @realedieadams @PPFA @PPBlackComm @PPActionCA @SCOTUSblog @USSupremeCourt @SCOTUS101 @DaddyFiles @WomensRightsNPS Excellent mo…

06-09-2022 14:45PM via twitter

If you are under 60 years old or haven’t seen this film, you don’t know what life was like before Roe vs.Wade. Hig…

06-09-2022 14:07PM via twitter

@DrPopCultureBG TV Weak

06-09-2022 03:33AM via twitter

Happy Father’s Day!

06-19-2022 17:20PM via twitter

Edie & Lucy on “The Lucy Show” #edieadams #erniekovacs #lucilleball

06-12-2022 18:49PM via twitter

@tomjrjackson Tom…you are in the minority but we love ya for it!

06-11-2022 16:23PM via twitter

RT @clintontennsee: @realedieadams @RealGilbertACP @RealGilbertACS @RealGilbert @Chesarato @RealErnieKovacs @RarifiedHeirPod Great picture…

06-11-2022 13:08PM via twitter

Orange 🍊 you glad we found this photo @RealGilbertACP? #edieadams #cesarromero

06-11-2022 12:54PM via twitter

@CTHalfWit @JamesMassard @DrPopCultureBG This was at a baby shower for both!

06-20-2022 18:59PM via twitter

Edie’s daughter Mia Kovacs would have turned 63 today. We miss her lots.

06-20-2022 18:59PM via twitter

@DrPopCultureBG Sadly not on the DVD or TV reruns due to music rights issues….

06-20-2022 04:39AM via twitter

So….tell us about your thoughts on last night’s Tony Awards…#edieadams #TonyAwards #TonyAwards2022 #lilabner…

06-13-2022 13:30PM via twitter

Congrats to Janet Hamilton, Kels Kotch, Kyle Borcz, Bill Norris, Jeff Andrews and Howard (!) on winning the Edie Ad…

06-06-2022 20:09PM via twitter

@TimReviews @RarifiedHeirPod @RealErnieKovacs I’m sorry to hear that but what a great legacy

06-06-2022 00:17AM via twitter

When will this amazing building again be open to the public? The Cinerama Fone needs a grand reopening like the ori…

06-17-2022 14:42PM via twitter

RT @TAMisnik: @RealErnieKovacs @realedieadams @DeccaRecords @RarifiedHeirPod @VinylMePlease @VinylDistrict Make ‘em nice & brown, then flip…

06-10-2022 20:36PM via twitter

Martin Mull, Edie & Edie’s son Josh. #dallasvf #erniekovacsaward

06-10-2022 19:09PM via twitter
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