How great is @silverscreensup? Look at this amazing memory of Edie all the way from the UK

01-26-2022 03:50AM via twitter

@romerosoranges @Franksantopadre @RealGilbertACP Thank you!

01-19-2022 14:51PM via twitter

RT @davidamackey: @RealGilbertACP @realedieadams @RealGilbert @Franksantopadre You’re not alone. Edie was beautiful, very talented, and a l…

01-19-2022 14:51PM via twitter

She would have been an ideal guest for the show. And thank you!

01-19-2022 14:51PM via twitter

Loved hearing @Franksantopadre mention “The great Edie Adams…” on Part 1 of the Sally Struthers episode of the…

01-19-2022 04:17AM via twitter

Really cool to know. When it was a “Channel” not a “Central” @ComedyCentral

12-01-2021 22:00PM via twitter

The @RealErnieKovacs Centennial edition CD is on sale at 35% off in the store just like eve…

12-02-2021 23:24PM via twitter

RT @jeffhubbs: @fbk204 @RealErnieKovacs @realedieadams I have difficulty wrapping my head around just how different Kovacs’ shows were from…

01-23-2022 18:15PM via twitter

RT @fbk204: @RealErnieKovacs @realedieadams Like Rod Serling a fifties icon light years ahead of his time

01-23-2022 18:15PM via twitter

RT @fbk204: @jeffhubbs @RealErnieKovacs @realedieadams He provided the blueprint for contemporary comedians .I am old enough to remember wa…

01-23-2022 18:09PM via twitter

RT @CraigStevnWoods: @realedieadams @RealErnieKovacs One of my heroes. He'd definitely be a guest at that imaginary dinner you get to invit…

01-23-2022 18:08PM via twitter

RT @jeffhubbs: @fbk204 @RealErnieKovacs @realedieadams I wasn’t introduced to him until PBS started running those compilations in the late…

01-23-2022 18:07PM via twitter

@RealErnieKovacs would have been 103 today. Let’s celebrate his genius today - laugh. #DORF #Erniekovacs #edieadams

01-23-2022 16:34PM via twitter

Thanks for this. Appreciate this on @RealErnieKovacs birthday….

01-23-2022 15:49PM via twitter

Edie comes to Blu-ray. This March

01-16-2022 03:27AM via twitter

Whaaaaaat? Nice!

12-19-2021 18:09PM via twitter

Really? That’s amazing!

01-24-2022 18:27PM via twitter

Thank you!!! That means a ton to us!

01-24-2022 18:26PM via twitter

Edie’s autograph is here! Who knew? Thx Kirk! #edieadams #kirkdouglas #michaeldouglas #erniekovacs

12-10-2021 02:05AM via twitter

Last day to save 35% off all Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items at inc. this new item - limited…

12-03-2021 15:29PM via twitter
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