She worked with Cliff a few time but, no :)

05-12-2021 17:33PM via twitter

@lucci_pm @CircusVegas @Cirque @CDS_Group @CirqueSchool Correct!

05-12-2021 17:33PM via twitter

Nice Don! Yes!

05-12-2021 17:33PM via twitter

Remember fun nights out? :)

05-18-2021 15:16PM via twitter

@RobertJBRouth @RealErnieKovacs @KITHOnline @DaveSFoley @Mark_DMcKinney @ScottThompson_ @videofest @DallasVideoFest…

05-18-2021 01:22AM via twitter

Thx to @looper & Paul Gaita for including Edie in this great piece on “The Love Boat.” Indeed it was a weird 2-part…

07-27-2021 14:40PM via twitter

Great poster!

07-15-2021 14:58PM via twitter

@ErnestBilko Ever seen “The Jazz Singer” with Rick Moranis as Phil Silvers & Al Jarreau as Yizel Dithers on…

06-06-2021 04:49AM via twitter

Very sorry to hear about the passing of director Joe Behar, a talented, calming influence to both @RealErnieKovacs…

07-25-2021 18:50PM via twitter

So awesome you are in remembering these folks all the times. Means a lotZ thank you!

05-15-2021 02:50AM via twitter

RT @RealGilbertACP: #GGACP #NationalMartiniDay @RealGilbert @Franksantopadre @MillserMcDuff @realedieadams @RealErnieKovacs…

06-19-2021 22:48PM via twitter

Why don’t ya pick one up and smoke it sometime? #ErnieKovacs #edieadams #ilovelucy #thelucyanddesihour #lucilleball…

07-03-2021 14:31PM via twitter

Thx to @StanTaffel for this screen grab #edieadams

05-17-2021 13:50PM via twitter

Hymie Kelly. Let’s take a moment with that one….

05-21-2021 10:09AM via twitter

@pattonoswalt talking about “The Oscar” is an absolute must. If he can channel angry Harlan Ellison at the…

05-21-2021 04:04AM via twitter

I’ll send ya a copy :)

05-14-2021 19:29PM via twitter

Found in the archives - un produced Edie Adams television series and wondering if @RealGilbert & @Franksantopadre o…

05-14-2021 17:34PM via twitter

@tammyfayenyc Agreed! :)

06-25-2021 14:17PM via twitter

And what did you think of Edie in this film? :) (Quite a few Billy Wilder stories too!)

06-25-2021 05:56AM via twitter

Nothing to see here, just Edie (at 3:11), husband @MartinMillsPhot, Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee, Jack Benny at the Coco…

06-04-2021 13:50PM via twitter
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