@CraigStevnWoods Bingo!

09-11-2019 17:23PM via twitter

Name the movie! #EdieAdams #ErnestBorgnine https://t.co/RbSRHSUhC7

09-11-2019 13:44PM via twitter

Edie on “The @kingofcool Show”. Photo by @MartinMillsPhot #EdieAdams #DeanMartin #MartinMillsPhotography https://t.co/H6BWRkFTSh

09-04-2019 20:52PM via twitter

If you order the new CD reissue of @OmnivoreRecords “The @RealErnieKovacs Album Centennial Edition” from… https://t.co/sFvoEUSxiL

08-28-2019 13:29PM via twitter

@WillnerHal Omg I must hear it! @tammyfayenyc did a pretty fantastic @OfficialNilsson cover of “Don’t forget me” the other night btw....

08-28-2019 12:54PM via twitter

@JohnHylandSI @WinonaROnline Absolutely right!!!!!! Nice one!

09-10-2019 22:47PM via twitter

Edie, @WinonaROnline & Denise (oh man what is her last name? Anyone?) circa 2001 #EdieAdam #WinonaRyder https://t.co/NrYAfDf1ry

09-10-2019 13:31PM via twitter

Edie would have loved this! @RealErnieKovacs television work screened for the first time in Hungary 🇭🇺! Miklos Moln… https://t.co/sTefYCrsjP

09-03-2019 13:48PM via twitter

Grainy Edie still love it. #EdieAdams https://t.co/9XXJFrr9eX

09-12-2019 13:24PM via twitter

Fabulous shot of Edie we had never seen before. #EdieAdams https://t.co/cMoanVT40a

09-12-2019 01:25AM via twitter

What movie is this from? #EdieAdams https://t.co/0UmlZsGs3s

09-08-2019 12:48PM via twitter

Name the Broadway production & Edie’s costars.....#EdieAdams #Broadway https://t.co/F6XS4tFJYN

09-14-2019 14:41PM via twitter

Love this photo of Edie we just found! #EdieAdams https://t.co/limNWIUlmj

09-09-2019 18:11PM via twitter

Edie’s preservation efforts of the @RealErnieKovacs archive will be on display Tues. Sept. 17 at @BFI as Kovacs is… https://t.co/whcZuTYrxO

09-02-2019 12:58PM via twitter

“Come right in folks! See Ernie Kovacs at 10:30am!” #ErnieKovacs #EdieAdams #KovacsCentennial #NBC… https://t.co/jGugWLg41H

08-26-2019 13:25PM via twitter

Now THAT’S an ostrich feather...#EdieAdams https://t.co/ZEp2laTn0O

09-13-2019 15:48PM via twitter

Very sorry to read of the passing of Carol Lynley late yesterday. She co-starred with Edie in “Under the Yum Yum Tr… https://t.co/JQb1tsRPCm

09-06-2019 13:19PM via twitter

@montypython @BFI And @RealErnieKovacs on the 17th too!!

08-30-2019 16:12PM via twitter

@PatThomas1964 To bring it full circle, wasn’t Kenny Rogers in one of the five touring versions of The New Christy… https://t.co/65LLGKcaqF

08-30-2019 16:12PM via twitter

Who can forget “The Don Adams Special?” With Edie and Don Rickles. #EdieAdams #DonAdams #DonRickles https://t.co/4ce133ngKO

08-30-2019 15:25PM via twitter
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