Oh schnitzel! #edieadams https://t.co/Yd7IcBaNtS

09-30-2020 14:28PM via twitter

I wonder if anyone at the @RnH_Org or even Julie Andrews knows that this exits? #cinderella #rodgersandhammerstein https://t.co/F4cspaCPWr

10-21-2020 16:31PM via twitter

How about this Edie (Edith) Adams framed autograph we were gifted by Marilyn Jameson, whose brother, actor Perren P… https://t.co/oqdTo9TJH8

10-14-2020 15:50PM via twitter

Two Don’s & an Edie. Hooray for Hollywood! #edieadams https://t.co/qDsE5PKKip

09-29-2020 14:00PM via twitter

You guys rock! https://t.co/Ca7rT0Fp0I

09-29-2020 13:43PM via twitter

The great irony here is that Edie stumped for Johnson. She sang “The Yellow Rose of Texas” five times at a stop wai… https://t.co/zIIiDJkqaF

10-13-2020 21:20PM via twitter

Do you have one? #edieadams https://t.co/uwsyJ4TfUy

09-24-2020 13:23PM via twitter

RT @silentfilmmusic: SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who ordered this in the last 12 hours. The 1500 (pressed) copies that we had made 3 yrs ago ar…

09-24-2020 13:17PM via twitter

Are you kidding? Edie wouldn’t let me forget :) https://t.co/0HcByHeQmz

10-22-2020 19:15PM via twitter

More from Edie’s record collection #buddyrich #edieadams https://t.co/tXSvCENnND

10-22-2020 14:02PM via twitter

The scenes with Natalie Wood with the back alley abortion doctor is horrific. And every mother and father needs to… https://t.co/xPn4JVOxjE

10-08-2020 03:36AM via twitter

If you want to see what life was like prior to Roe vs. Wade, see this film. Co-starring Edie Adams. It should be al… https://t.co/257Qz8VOtq

10-08-2020 03:12AM via twitter

“The Tex & Jinx Show”? Anyone? Anyone? #edieadams https://t.co/E6ZeHWvAUD

10-25-2020 15:43PM via twitter

He’s the best drummer of all time. Take a listen. Seriously. https://t.co/yx9YLJgowi

10-25-2020 15:37PM via twitter

Hold the phone...it’s Edie Adams! #Edieadams https://t.co/dm9zSb1SI7

10-04-2020 14:43PM via twitter

Happy Record Store Day 2020, Drop 2 #Rsd #edieadams https://t.co/n5X9p6vF3z

09-26-2020 13:21PM via twitter

Depends on the Edith, doesn’t it? https://t.co/k639eaK5H6

09-26-2020 13:16PM via twitter

Still looking for this private press record for the archive. #edieadams https://t.co/rtu29zQsZh

10-05-2020 14:35PM via twitter

Yes this is real #edieadams #mrt https://t.co/4b067bQDip

09-25-2020 12:26PM via twitter

One of the best films of all-time. And lifelong friends. #edieadams #theapartment https://t.co/KmrkT6eaek

10-09-2020 14:19PM via twitter
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