It’s unda da big W....#Edieadams

09-23-2020 15:21PM via twitter

Oh, about Edie’s Captain Kangaroo script we found in our archive & posted about recently.....#edieadams…

09-16-2020 15:55PM via twitter

She actually had no problem with Ernie’s cigar habit.....

09-22-2020 14:19PM via twitter

Visit to find this long out-of-print, 1973 Beauty Guide paperback from Edie! + 16 pages of…

09-15-2020 14:02PM via twitter

Do you have one? #edieadams

09-24-2020 13:23PM via twitter

RT @silentfilmmusic: SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who ordered this in the last 12 hours. The 1500 (pressed) copies that we had made 3 yrs ago ar…

09-24-2020 13:17PM via twitter

You might have it...

09-17-2020 16:34PM via twitter

Only Ben knows....wait...

09-17-2020 16:34PM via twitter

Edie & Dean #edieadams #deanmartin

09-17-2020 15:01PM via twitter

Wondering if @tomhanks still has his shooting script from the pilot from Bosom Buddies? #EdieAdams

09-10-2020 13:54PM via twitter

Hope we can get this seen one day soon....#edieadams

09-20-2020 14:52PM via twitter

The pilot, yes. Then the show runner let her go. Thought Edie wanted the show to be about her. Nothing of the sort.

09-20-2020 14:48PM via twitter

Happy Record Store Day 2020, Drop 2 #Rsd #edieadams

09-26-2020 13:21PM via twitter

Depends on the Edith, doesn’t it?

09-26-2020 13:16PM via twitter

Let’s all take a moment and honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Edie lived by the motto “Equal pay for equal w…

09-19-2020 14:07PM via twitter

Name the show.....#ErnieKovacs

09-21-2020 13:53PM via twitter

Before “Superdome” (now on Blu-Ray!) there was the original gripping title “Countdown to Super Bowl,” which frankly…

09-14-2020 14:16PM via twitter

Yes this is real #edieadams #mrt

09-25-2020 12:26PM via twitter

Can’t get enough of this #upinsmoke

09-18-2020 14:27PM via twitter

An unproduced Pat McCormick script starring Edie Adams? No helicopters or hookers were harmed in the writing of thi…

09-11-2020 15:42PM via twitter
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