Edie was a huge supporter of @wayfinderfamily (then known as The Foundation for the Junior Blind). They do amazing… https://t.co/zALDJzmUvh

07-05-2022 14:21PM via twitter

@chancerubbage @RarifiedHeirPod @MickeyRooneyfan @MickeyRooney20 @domdeluise @JohnAstin @HenryGibson1935… https://t.co/lHxElwvVFy

08-16-2022 02:08AM via twitter

@BillMwmurray @RarifiedHeirPod @MickeyRooneyfan @MickeyRooney20 @domdeluise @JohnAstin @HenryGibson1935… https://t.co/E5NmnoPPzq

08-16-2022 01:48AM via twitter

A small hint before the new @RarifiedHeirPod episode posts tomorrow morning. Any guesses on the guest? https://t.co/PfoaL5ZaHa

08-16-2022 01:44AM via twitter

Very excited to announce that @alfranken will receive the @RealErnieKovacs Award at the @videofest at the… https://t.co/I4lhOPxxnf

08-04-2022 09:49AM via twitter

Happy Father’s Day!

06-19-2022 17:20PM via twitter

@zachvat Ya sure about that? :)

07-31-2022 05:02AM via twitter

@DanPasternack @RealErnieKovacs @RarifiedHeirPod @librarycongress @MrComedyPR @NtlComedyCenter @ClioAwards… https://t.co/pbQozJTX4z

08-07-2022 17:03PM via twitter

Great @RealErnieKovacs news! @alfranken, Sept, 22, @DallasVideoFest. Whattaya need a roadmap? https://t.co/QyMbJmB21d

08-07-2022 00:19AM via twitter

A friend told me he was watching #IAMMMMW & said he wished he had met her and I really started missing her. She was… https://t.co/jTvQ94cABz

07-16-2022 21:47PM via twitter

Name someone with Edie…. https://t.co/Nqz7Po8w6W

07-09-2022 17:41PM via twitter

Crossing fingers…. https://t.co/5ADGtLP91o

07-02-2022 13:58PM via twitter

Thx to Dave Woodman for this. Had no idea. https://t.co/CuV7mXb1Iw

06-27-2022 02:30AM via twitter

@CTHalfWit @JamesMassard @DrPopCultureBG This was at a baby shower for both!

06-20-2022 18:59PM via twitter

Edie’s daughter Mia Kovacs would have turned 63 today. We miss her lots. https://t.co/FyM3YoTbtX

06-20-2022 18:59PM via twitter

@DrPopCultureBG Sadly not on the DVD or TV reruns due to music rights issues….

06-20-2022 04:39AM via twitter

The 3 titles of this 1967 film. #Edieadams https://t.co/8Vz6pASJxn

08-01-2022 03:49AM via twitter

When will this amazing building again be open to the public? The Cinerama Fone needs a grand reopening like the ori… https://t.co/iRPlcEmDaV

06-17-2022 14:42PM via twitter

@Ike_Eisenmann Muriel?

07-22-2022 03:57AM via twitter

We may have found a mother lode of audio transcription discs in the archive. More soon! #edieadams… https://t.co/YFmLTWKTm5

08-19-2022 03:23AM via twitter
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