@RealErnieKovacs @GHGwendolen @Bill75554420 @HansVonZipper Order from https://t.co/u1N7xOOC7t

03-25-2020 17:07PM via twitter

Edie with second husband @MartinMillsPhot on their 1964 honeymoon in @gohawaii with Henry Fonda and his soon to be… https://t.co/roGL9OBwMX

03-25-2020 14:21PM via twitter

Thank you @playbill & @marcjfranklin for this remembrance on the anniversary of @RnH_Org, Cinderella starting… https://t.co/3T5JrvZOAB

04-01-2020 23:12PM via twitter

Rome, @azzurri - MAY, 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008) poses for… https://t.co/Bh9maB8emh

03-24-2020 14:44PM via twitter

Praying for Italy 🇮🇹. It truly is mad, mad, mad, mad world...or questo pazzo, pazzo, pazzo, pazzo mondo. https://t.co/PSCDeU0bbn

03-24-2020 05:05AM via twitter

We are open for business and soon will be offering up some new promotional photos we found that Edie had made. Visi… https://t.co/aoR3hYU9L8

04-07-2020 14:48PM via twitter

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CIRCA 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008), pose… https://t.co/JNPa43VYUi

04-07-2020 05:08AM via twitter

@itstonybennett What can you tell us about “The Oscar” & working with Edie Adams?

03-26-2020 14:05PM via twitter

Padua, ITALY - 1956: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008) poses for a por… https://t.co/Vq2d82rUvX

03-26-2020 04:53AM via twitter

Thinking good thoughts for @azzurri ROME, ITALY - MAY, 1956: General view of the exterior at the Roman Colosseum o… https://t.co/vOeLSlovko

03-22-2020 15:47PM via twitter

All leather bound by a Hollywood company, paid for by Edie. With notes and some with photos, playbills, autographs,… https://t.co/H7SenyGODy

04-05-2020 15:21PM via twitter

Edie’s scripts from her Tony Award winning performance in “Li’l Abner” & the @RnH_Org production of “Cinderella”. I… https://t.co/zIxHaGI5gz

04-05-2020 14:31PM via twitter

@ErnestBilko Thank you!!! I’m just waiting on a friend....

04-05-2020 14:16PM via twitter

Edie as Rebel Davis in “Lover Come Back w. #RockHudson, #DorisDay & #TonyRandall https://t.co/mcBovQWRey

03-28-2020 19:43PM via twitter

Oh someone please tell me what project this cover for the script “Sammy & Edie” was for? https://t.co/iy6UzUzfh5

03-30-2020 05:23AM via twitter

If you are looking for Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items@for sale, we are still fulfilling orders! Found a large number… https://t.co/tdLmCkKIt8

04-06-2020 14:59PM via twitter

Please tell us you have these. (Or tell is what you are missing!) #EdieAdams #Edieonvinyl https://t.co/Q703rRzync

03-27-2020 14:11PM via twitter

Edie’s Bicentennial Malibu beach house bash on Broad Beach Rd.,July 4, 1976. @itstonybennett sang with The Tonight… https://t.co/KLihcGP1e4

03-20-2020 19:32PM via twitter

Consider this. We need to keep this museum going! You’ve been Bilk-ed! #philsilvers https://t.co/54jNxFDx0O

04-03-2020 13:54PM via twitter

@KSNewDemocrat Her mom’s glasses!

04-03-2020 00:57AM via twitter
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