@larainenewman What can you tell us about this photo from the ACE Awards (RIP)? Would you date it around 1988? 1985… https://t.co/TMzkuuEkGs

06-26-2019 16:22PM via twitter

A few more photos of Edie from Bill Biskup’s personal collection from “Mame” summer stock 1969. Thanks Bill for sha… https://t.co/Ak72BYtw6w

06-26-2019 13:23PM via twitter

Edie & @RealErnieKovacs attend the premiere of “West Side Story” in Hollywood, December 13, 1961. #EdieAdams… https://t.co/F0NK8ITzZf

06-19-2019 13:43PM via twitter

Rare, hard-to-find & out of print! We only have a handful of these autographed art books on hand. Signed by both Ed… https://t.co/1L7KByQn2e

06-25-2019 21:25PM via twitter

@DanPasternack Edie would call it “acid rock”

06-25-2019 21:20PM via twitter

Thank you to Bill Biskup for sending along these photos from 50 years ago! From the Summer Stock East Coast run of “Mame”. More coming too!

06-25-2019 13:52PM via twitter

What’s your favorite moment? #IAMMMMW #EdieAdams #MadWorld https://t.co/baydgCVu4o

06-13-2019 15:22PM via twitter

@montypython What’s it like?

06-23-2019 19:26PM via twitter

Hope you are in Jamestown, NY for Festival Week Aug. 7-11 at the @NtlComedyCenter for the premiere of the… https://t.co/10XWApJ5rS

06-23-2019 12:48PM via twitter

Do you have this DVD set? It’s the entire 2 year run of “Here’s Edie/The Edie Adams Show” with a ton of bonus mater… https://t.co/YLk8fEiSiB

06-22-2019 20:49PM via twitter

@KSNewDemocrat @Festival_Cannes @TheBillyWilder @realjacklemmon_ @maclaineshirley Very kind if you!!!

06-22-2019 20:32PM via twitter

Let’s not forget Edie on this great day...”#TheApartment #JackLemmon #BillyWilder #ShirleyMacLaine… https://t.co/6bdfrrfF2B

06-15-2019 21:31PM via twitter

@ClassicalCinema Give it up for Edie!

06-15-2019 21:17PM via twitter

Here’s Edie! And Jayne and David and Shirley! Our friends at #JayneMeadowsRemembered sent us this terrific photo fr… https://t.co/3z3NZHI4L0

06-15-2019 13:23PM via twitter

@ErnestBilko And Castro Valley no less. Random.

06-15-2019 11:30AM via twitter

@montypython Yes actually

06-21-2019 23:46PM via twitter

Great caricature of #SteveMcQueen, #NatalieWood & #EdieAdams for the film #LoveWithaProperStranger - any idea who t… https://t.co/UfRqigyk2k

06-21-2019 13:22PM via twitter

@larainenewman Amazing!!!! Will you be at the @NtlComedyCenter in August this year?

06-14-2019 14:28PM via twitter

@PatThomas1964 @sheckygreene @divorcecourt If you look up Shecky’s career & cross reference with Klein, they likely had the same connections

06-14-2019 14:00PM via twitter

Edie & @sheckygreene. And not from their appearance on the ‘90s version of @divorcecourt #EdieAdams #SheckyGreene… https://t.co/YGxucUtMsj

06-14-2019 13:11PM via twitter
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