Don’t have the “Edie Adams Christmas Album”? Head on over to store and receive 20% off all…

02-19-2020 14:17PM via twitter

Happy belated birthday to Tina Louise, who co-starred in “L’il Abner” on Broadway with Edie in ‘56-‘58. (Far right…

02-12-2020 14:30PM via twitter

RIP Kirk Douglas #EdieAdams #KirkDouglas

02-05-2020 23:59PM via twitter

Anyone see Edie in “Made in Paris” (1966)?

02-05-2020 14:57PM via twitter

After hearing @Moviegino on the @RealGilbertACP with his KFC story about Mr.T in North Carolina, we had to get this…

01-28-2020 19:03PM via twitter

Edie weighs in in the @nypost circa ‘84 #NYPost #EdieAdams

01-28-2020 05:25AM via twitter

It’s an Edie-stravaganza on Blu Ray this month! 2 of Edie’s greatest (cough) films coming from @KinoLorber - “The O…

02-04-2020 16:54PM via twitter

It’s not exactly Edie Adams (but an incredible simulation).....we have mutual friends in @JoelGHodgson. Happy to se…

02-04-2020 15:45PM via twitter

Chances’ve never seen this. And Johnny Mathis appeared on the very last “The Edie Adams Show” variety sh…

02-13-2020 20:09PM via twitter

Use code: FEB20 until Feb.29 & receive 20% off all Edie & @RealErnieKovacs items at…

02-23-2020 13:42PM via twitter

It’s @WallyCox birthday today. Here’s Edie talking about Wally when they worked on the U.S. Steel Hour’s “The Ameri…

02-16-2020 01:59AM via twitter

What’s this we hear about @pattonoswalt doing commentary on a new Blu-Ray of “The Oscar”? Yes please! Thank God…

02-02-2020 07:26AM via twitter

Head on over to and receive 20% off your order for our Valentines Day sale until Feb. 29.…

02-15-2020 14:43PM via twitter

Happy birthday Jack #jacklemmon #edieadams

02-08-2020 14:36PM via twitter

Really terrific 2004 documentary on @RnH_Org @CinderellaBway on the making of this terrific live production which w…

02-08-2020 13:26PM via twitter

Jimmy Durante was born on this this day in 1893. Ha-Cha-Cha-Cha! #EdieAdams #JimmyDurante

02-10-2020 14:23PM via twitter

Did the Saints win the @SuperBowl? Edie’s football “thriller” coming to Blu Ray soon! #HankStram #Superdome

02-03-2020 16:19PM via twitter

Obituary for George Zachary, Edie & Ernie’s lawyer. George was one of Edie’s most trusted friends. He was the one E…

02-14-2020 18:29PM via twitter

@silentfilmmusic @ChaplinOfficial @BoisePhil Boy o boy o Boise?

02-14-2020 02:58AM via twitter

Hello @netflix, I think we have a high concept winner on our hands....#EdieAdams #MadWorld #IAMMMMW

02-07-2020 14:49PM via twitter
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