I’m guessing 1953.....#EdieAdams #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #EarlWilson #LasVegas https://t.co/J3S6CSAHO5

10-09-2019 18:07PM via twitter

Edie and her Buddy #EdieAdams #BuddyHackett https://t.co/uN5Dm9Ckk3

10-02-2019 13:12PM via twitter

@Morris__Bright Ha! Me and the kid went to see it at the Cinerama Dome recently - was great to see Edie/Grandma in 70mm. The kid loved it.

10-15-2019 13:47PM via twitter

@barrettpj62 @RealErnieKovacs Oh yes! Very proud! You nailed that right!

10-15-2019 13:44PM via twitter

We only celebrate birthdays but we lost EdIe 11 years ago today. She is missed. Boy is she missed. #EdieAdams https://t.co/XPKDqno6EB

10-15-2019 13:04PM via twitter

Thanks so much!!! Terrific! https://t.co/f3xCr57Oys

09-26-2019 04:21AM via twitter

@pulmyears tell us more about your Oct. 22 podcast.....(and apologies....)

10-17-2019 18:39PM via twitter

Yes! He does have a podcast and it’s terrific! https://t.co/7c7SdA7jej

10-17-2019 18:30PM via twitter

@DanPasternack @MJMcKean @robreiner What????

10-17-2019 18:08PM via twitter

Edie’s preservation efforts of @RealErnieKovacs work will be on hand in Chicago on Thurs. Oct. 24! Free! Come on ou… https://t.co/KFR9xl36bD

10-10-2019 13:44PM via twitter

For neighbor @RealErnieKovacs! #EdieAdams #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial https://t.co/mZqIDk7Ftx

10-03-2019 20:46PM via twitter

More @RealErnieKovacs this Friday Oct 4. at @TheBillyWilder Theater in Westwood in Los Angeles! Free!!! 7:30pm - ra… https://t.co/C1iHieEBOr

09-29-2019 13:13PM via twitter

@SiriusXMComedy is going “full @RealErnieKovacs” Monday on the “Comedy Greats channel for his Centennial! New track… https://t.co/2XJ2ri1xpc

10-20-2019 14:57PM via twitter

We clearly are biased, but how great was EdIe in “The Apartment”? #EdieAdams #JackLemmon #TheApartment https://t.co/vMGe4Iej2p

10-13-2019 15:02PM via twitter

Edie’s son @MillserMcDuff will be appearing on @luxuriamusic tomorrow at noon PST on Kristian Hoffman’s “Pepperland… https://t.co/sbqly1fkDw

10-06-2019 01:14AM via twitter

#EdieAdams in @cheechandchong’s “Up in Smoke”. She loved working with @CheechMarin & @tommychong on their first mov… https://t.co/1alSBSSVOe

10-12-2019 04:22AM via twitter

Just found this and wanted to share. Edie & @RealErnieKovacs daughter Mia circa late ‘70s/early ‘80s. We all loved… https://t.co/3qwdNAZVUE

10-05-2019 16:04PM via twitter

Great to spend the evening with #IAMMMMW fans at the Dome in Hollywood last night for a #CineramaDome screening of… https://t.co/FxWOnvlJuB

09-30-2019 15:41PM via twitter

In bizarro world......#EdieAdams #ItsAMadMadMadMadWorld https://t.co/Bwr631T5pW

10-14-2019 15:47PM via twitter

R.I.P. Rip! Always, always, always laughs and confetti when Rip and EdIe met up! One of a kind! More silliness plea… https://t.co/ndPkJYUQ3f

10-07-2019 23:06PM via twitter
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